Understanding the Basics of Landscape Gardening

Many UK homeowners would never attempt to landscape their garden, fearful of making a mess as they have zero experience with outdoor design, yet once you get the basics of landscape gardening, it doesn’t seem so difficult.

  • What Have you Got? – Ask any of the seasoned local landscapers in Leeds and they will tell you that the first thing to do is take stock of what you already have. You may have an uneven landscape, yet that could me made level with some earth moving, or you could create multiple levels from a flat gradient.
  • Picturing your Concept – You could do this on a sheet of paper, or better still, using a 3D imaging program on your PC, and by adding features, one by one, you can build up to the finished look.
  • Costing the Project – It can be quite an expensive venture, depending, of course, on the scope of the design. Google is your best friend when looking to source suppliers of garden materials, indeed, you can have them all deliver, which really does help.
  • Tools & Equipment – Obviously, you will need spades, shovels, strong rakes, a wheelbarrow, hoses, plus a skip for the residue, of which there could be a lot. Ready mixed concrete can usually be pumped directly into your form, and topsoil can be delivered in bags, with power tools available from your local plant hire firm.

A dry weekend and some helpers will see your project completed, and anything you are unsure about, simply Google it. Failing that, talk to your local landscape gardener, who could quote you for the project.

Billy Kai