Reasons Blinds are Better Than Curtains

So, you’re looking for window treatments? Aren’t sure whether you should choose curtains or blinds? Many homeowners get confused when picking whether to purchase curtains or blinds, they simply cannot choose which one is better. This article will take a look at the two and present findings to suggest that blinds are a far better investment when it comes to window treatments.

  1. Functionality

If you’re thinking about buying roller blinds in Edinburgh, you’ll find that they are more practical than curtains. They give you an increased ability to filter out light, something a curtain cannot really do. Shutter blinds and wood venetians are excellent at controlling the amount of natural light that penetrates your home, making them a popular choice amongst homeowners.

  1. Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and keeping their original aesthetics, blinds are a lot more appealing to consumers. They are very easy to clean and maintain, if you notice any dirt or dust on your blinds, you simply wipe it away with a cloth and you’re done. If it is a stubborn stain, a lukewarm sponge and some cleaning solution will do the trick. If a curtain gets dirty, it isn’t easy to clean, along with being hard to maintain, they are also:

  • Not as durable
  • More expensive
  • Not suitable for bathrooms
  • Poor at filtering light
  1. Affordable & Stylish

Blinds are cheaper than made to measure curtains, they also come in a wide range of styles and designs. This makes them easy to combine with your current décor.

Billy Kai