Moving Home with Kids: Simple & Effective Tips

Everyone knows that moving to another home can be a stressful experience, there are a lot of different things to think about before you go. If you are relocating with kids, the process can be that bit more challenging. Experts in house removal in St Albans recommend getting them involved in the process by making the whole experience fun and exciting. Another way to make moving easier is to hire a professional service, here are just some of the many benefits of using a skilled removal team.

  • Eliminate the stress
  • Avoid getting injured
  • No need to worry about any heavy lifting
  • Leave the packing to them
  • No need to hire a vehicle or look for helpers on the day

Follow some of these great tips to make the moving process more enjoyable and inclusive for the kids.

Let Them Pack

When packing your belongings, use colour coded stickers that your kids can use to label each box. Each room can have a different colour, so your kids can identify each box and apply the correct colour.


Once the boxes have been packed, allow your kids to decorate them with stickers and coloured markers. Let them draw funny pictures of each family member on boxes, so you know which one belongs to what family member.

Unpack with Fun

Once your removal specialist has delivered all your belongings, give your kids time to unpack. Allow them to set up their rooms the way they like to help them feel more at home.

Billy Kai