How to Remove a Mature Tree in a Residential Zone

A large tree can weigh in excess of 50 tonnes, and in a forest setting, it would be relatively easy to fell such a tree with a well-place sink and cut, sending the tree crashing to the ground in a single action. In a residential area, however, it is a very different story, as there are obvious real risks to both people and property, therefore a different approach must be used.

Professional Consultation

The first thing to is to make contact with Perth tree loppers, who would come out and inspect the tree, and if they are in agreement that the tree needs to be removed, they would be happy to quote for the project. Once everything is agreed, the arborist would cordon off the area, ensuring that no one enters the area, plus making sure that all vehicles are removed.

Removing Brushwood

Some out the outer branches would be removed to reveal the main trunk and boughs, and the tree surgeon would decide which ones to remove first. The contractor would likely use the services of a crane, to lower the heavy sections onto the back of a waiting flat-bed truck, ready to be taken away, and the length of these sections would depend on the circumference, and while this is going on, the ground team would be cutting up and removing the brushwood, ready for the next section of trunk to be lowered down. This could take anything from 1-3 days, depending on the size of the tree and while the team would work quickly, safety is always first and foremost, and sometimes, a cherry picker is used as a platform for the tree surgeon as he lops branches, as climbing the tree might be out of the question.

Stump Removal

Until a few years ago, a large tree stump would have to remain yet we now have special stump grinding machines that turn the stump into sawdust, and by adding some sand, the area can be levelled off and reused. The stump grinders are light and very easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces, so you can be sure that the stump can be effectively removed, and if you have any other old tree stumps in your garden you can ask the team to remove them while they are there.

Comprehensive Insurance

It is paramount that the tree surgeon has adequate public liability insurance to cover every eventuality, so you should insist on seeing the certification before making any agreements. The contractor would take into account the wind and the weight distribution of the tree before deciding how best to remove it, and by taking it down in sections, it will present no danger to people or property in the immediate vicinity.

If you have a large tree that you think might present a danger, call out a local arborist and ask for his professional opinion, and if he is in agreement, a date will be set for the operation to begin. Even if you are a capable handyman, you should resist the temptation to remove a large tree, as the risks are many and very real.

Billy Kai