Get the Stair Lift You Need in Cheltenham

Oftentimes, people don’t know whether their homes can accommodate a stair lift. Most people are aware of stair lifts that go straight up the staircase, but what if the staircase turns, twists, or has a landing? Sometimes homes are built where there is a narrow hallway at one end of the staircase, and there may even be a door. The wonderful news is that stair lifts can be made to fit in just about any home.

Narrow Halls and Doors

In homes with limited space around the staircase, stair lifts can be installed. Limited space might include the following:

  • Narrow hallway at top or bottom of stairs
  • Door directly at top or bottom of stairs
  • Any tight space

The stair lift can be made so that the lower section of the rail will fold up and be put away when it is not in use. The chair is mounted on a folding hinge track, and the folding system can be fully automatic and handled with the push of a button. You can call for a stairlift hire in Cheltenham to learn about the different options.

Types of Chairs

You can have different types of chairs with the stair lift, depending on your needs. You can choose a standard chair, but you can also look at swivel seat stair lifts. With these models, the seat can rotate so that you are facing the landing at the top of the stairs. Stair lifts come with a remote control for easy function, and they can accommodate any type of staircase.

Billy Kai