Exploring Shower Systems for the Modern Home!

With endless new options and advancements in technologies, selecting a shower system for your home can be a perplexing task. Before you move ahead and look for options, there are two major aspects to look for –

  • Water pressure
  • Existing plumbing system

Every home is different and can have its own setup, which cannot be altered. Usually, the water pressure is dependent on the system in place. In the UK, most homes have a gravity-fed system, which usually has a cold-water tank, and the water pressure is on the lower side. The second system is called an unvented one, which doesn’t have a separate tank for cold water. The hot-water tank gets the heated water using an in-built coil. Some homes can have a combi boiler, which is a high-pressure setup that heats up water when required, without relying on a cylinder.

The options

Before we talk of the options, it is important to understand that contemporary homes already have a setup in place, so you need to check if the installation is doing damage to the tiles or other systems. Secondly, consider your budget. You need to know what you can afford before taking the final call on some of the options available.

  • The first one is an electric shower, which heats up water when required to the desired temperature. This is a great solution for homes that don’t have a broiler. The only problem we could think of was the slow water flow, for which you may need an additional pump.

  • The next choice is a mixer shower, which mixes hot and cold water when required. These are not very expensive, but require high water pressure, so buying a pump might be necessary. Also, check the specifications related to water pressure on the model in advance.
  • The final choice is a digital shower, which is probably the most advanced choice available today. Grohe showers in the UK are popular in this segment. These showers can be controlled via wired or wireless systems, and even with an app on your phone, which is a huge advantage.

If you need precise temperature control and want to invest in something that’s more defined, sleek and designed for luxury, digital showers are the best choice. The cost can depend on the features you want, and you can also find varied brands to choose from. Select an option that will not need repairs or replacement for a few years.

Billy Kai