Beautiful Parquetry Flooring Offers Something for Everyone

Parquetry floors are specialised floors made of wooden pieces that are then made into various designs and patterns, and whether you want a block or mosaic pattern, it is simple to find something extraordinary in the end. If you want sturdy floors that offer a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind designs, parquetry floors are a great option, and you can easily view full-colour photographs of this type of flooring on any number of flooring store websites. Often made with contrasting colours and woods, such as oak or maple, these floors are both beautiful and long lasting. Furthermore, because they come in both standard and custom-made designs, you are always guaranteed to end up with something you love. In fact, these floors are personalised to your tastes and preferences every time, so you’ll never be disappointed with the final results.

Several Types of Parquetry Floors for Your Convenience

Most parquetry flooring is one of two main types, and they are as follows:

  • Block parquetry floors: this is what most people choose, and it includes large blocks that are then placed together to form a certain design; common patterns include chevron, square, or herringbone shape
  • Mosaic parquetry floors: these are much smaller pieces that are placed together and are often found on indoor sporting courts; like the block floors, each piece is made to your specification so it looks amazing in the end

There is also a customised type of parquetry flooring in Perth that combines these two looks, so as you can tell, it is always possible to get exactly what you want when you choose parquetry floors. In fact, for most of these stores, if you can think up a design in your head, they are able to provide it to you. The wood is always strong and long lasting, and because each job is customised to meet your needs, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind look that you’ll be proud to show off to others for a very long time.

Helping You Get Started

If you have viewed photographs of parquetry flooring and have decided it’s for you, but you aren’t sure which type or design will work best in your own home, the stores’ designers can create a look just for you so that you are thrilled with the results. You can view their websites for information and suggestions, or even schedule a consultation with them so that you can see for yourself what their flooring looks like. Whether your home is small or large, contemporary or traditional, these stores make sure you get beautiful flooring that will perfectly complement the home every time. In fact, you can also choose this type of flooring if you own a retail store, diner, or corporate office building, because it is beautiful flooring that goes well almost anywhere. From jarrah to karri wood and small retail outlets to large homes, parquetry floors deliver a unique look that you will be proud of, and the companies that offer these floors work hard from start to finish so that you get just what you want every time.

Billy Kai